Lovejoy Tours

Embarking on a Japanese adventure and want a bilingual tour guide in the know about Japan’s vibrant adult nightlife and LGBTQ hotspots? Look no further!

June Lovejoy will curate your entire itinerary, accompany you, and assist with interpreting for you.

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Hello, I am June Lovejoy! The owner of TLD. 

I’m open-minded and LGBTQ-friendly!

Need tickets to a concert, wrestling match, or more? I’ve got you covered!

  • Exploring Japan’s sensual side? Let me know your preferences, and I’ll craft the perfect itinerary!

  • Dreaming of trying an onsen or Japanese bathhouse? Let’s go! 

  • Fancy a visit to a BDSM Bar to get tied up and whipped silly? Count me in! I’ll be right by your side the entire time!
  • How about a night at an FTM bar, flirting with fabulous trans guys while they serve you delicious alcohol? Absolutely!

  • Want to go to the JAV Actress theme park SODLand to meet and talk with your favorite actresses? Say less! Let’s go!!
  • Want me to plan the sexiest and craziest birthday for you in Japan? I guarantee a night to remember.

Each tour is tailored to your desires. The sky’s the limit (within Japanese law, of course)!

Every tour is created with love and joy, just for you!

Tour Planning

Planning starts at ¥5000 per hour with a ¥10000 upfront fee, non-refundable. This covers at least 2 hours of dedicated planning for your perfect tour! If more time is needed, I’ll let you know upfront. The more info you provide, the faster I can create an itinerary.

For tours outside Tokyo, upfront payment for my travel and accommodation is required and non-refundable.

For shared activities, entrance fees, food, drinks, etc. are on you. I guide and interpret; you cover expenses.

Payments for itinerary creation via PayPal, while the tour guide fee is paid upfront in cash.

How it Works

  1. Contact me with trip dates and tour preferences. More details mean a better itinerary.

  2. Receive a cost breakdown.

  3. Pay the non-refundable ¥10000 (2 hours of planning) via PayPal.

  4. I craft your personalized tour itinerary.

  5. Pay half of the agreed tour amount as a non-refundable deposit via PayPal.

  6. Meet on agreed-upon day(s) and pay the remainder tour amount in cash. Let’s enjoy Japan!

Alternatively, hire me for ¥5000 an hour to make reservations and an itinerary if you don’t need me present. I can help make reservations for sexy services, concerts, restaurants, and more.

My tour/interpreting rates start at ¥7000 an hour depending on the complexity and intensiveness of the tour. If your would like for me to stay after the last train (around 23:00 depending on the station location), my rate will be increased to ¥10000 an hour and in some cases my hotel fee will need to be covered.

This is a service for one person, however I can offer discounts for groups.

I can take photos and videos of you with my iPhone and send them to you after your tour! We can take photos together too if you’d like! I do not drink alcohol so you will be in safe, sober hands during your entire tour. You are free to drink as much as you’d like, but I am a tour guide, not a babysitter, so please drink responsibly.

Due to the nature of my career I will also take half of the agreed tour guide amount up front as a non refundable deposit. In order to do these tours I often have to decline other work offers to secure your dates. Once you lock in a tour date with me and the deposits are paid you will not receive a refund of this deposit even if you cancel your tour.

This deposit secures your tour date and cannot be refunded, with the remaining half paid in cash at the tour’s start.

In the unlikely event I can’t complete your tour, the deposit is fully refunded, but the tour creation payment is not.

You can contact me via Instagram DM, or through Twitter DM.

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(Once we establish communication and payment it is better that we communicate through Discord, LINE, or WhatsApp.)