Fetish Festival 25: Complete English Guide

by Huda

Spice up your spring at this kink-friendly Tokyo event!

Looking for a Tokyo event this spring that’s more hardcore than a hanami party? Following a rainy Fetish Festival 24 in January, Fetish Festival (aka FetiFes) is back for its 25th iteration this month. On top of warmer weather, FetiFes 25 promises to bring red-hot stage performances and a bevy of bodacious guests and exhibitors! Spring is the season of growth and new beginnings. Swing by FetiFes, and maybe the seeds of a new kink will sprout within you!

Fetish Festival 25 is on Sunday, April 28th in Nihonbashi, Tokyo at the Mensho Kaikan event hall from 12:00-18:00 (12:00pm6:00pm).

If you’re not a kinkster, don’t be fooled by this event’s name! Fetish Festival also welcomes non-sexual niche interests, with body modification, hard rock, horror, alternative fashion, and cult media enthusiasts also having a presence at the event. If you’re open-minded, respectful, and at least 18 years of age (photo ID required), anyone can join the fun at FetiFes!

Buying tickets and getting to FetiFes

FetiFes 25 will be at the Mensho Kaikan, an event hall in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Event tickets can be pre-ordered through ticketing portal eplus (Japanese-language site), but they will also be sold at the event hall. Please refrain from lining up at the Mensho Kaikan before 11:00 as to not disturb local residents and neighboring businesses. Make sure to bring one of the following forms of photo identification to verify your age:

  • A driver’s license
  • A passport
  • A Japanese residence card
  • A Japanese My Number card
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
The main entrance of Mensho Kaikan and the surrounding area. Image credit: Japanese Narrow Gauge Modeling Festival via

The Mensho Kaikan is conveniently right between five stations on major Tokyo train lines. You can easily reach it via the following routes (walking times are approximate):

From Ningyocho Station (Hibiya Line, Toei Asakusa Line): From Exit A4, the Mensho Kaikan is a 6-minute walk away.
From Bakuro-yokoyama Station (Toei Shinjuku Line): From Exit A3, the Mensho Kaikan is a 6-minute walk away.
From Higashi-nihombashi Station (Toei Asakusa Line): From Exit B2, the Mensho Kaikan is a 6-minute walk away.
From Bakurocho Station (Sōbu Line Rapid Train): From Exit 1, the Mensho Kaikan is a 9-minute walk away.
From Kodemmacho Station (Hibiya Line): From Exit 2, the Mensho Kaikan is a 7-minute walk away.

Feel free to also refer to this map:

Map of area surrounding the venue. Image credit: Mensho Kaikan via official homepage. Station name transliterations, etc. by author.

Many vendors at FetiFes will only accept cash, so make sure to have enough yen on your person. If you’re planning to do some serious shopping, stack those ¥10,000 bills in your wallet! There is a Family Mart convenience store (Higashi Nihonbashi Sanchome branch) with an ATM less than a minute away from the venue. Most convenience store ATMs take foreign cards, and you can also buy snacks and drinks if needed. Please note that eating and drinking inside the Mensho Kaikan will be prohibited.

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Entrance of the Nihonbashi Sanchome FamilyMart. Image credit: Akihito Yoshida via Google Maps.

After buying a ticket, you’ll receive a wristband that you must wear while at the event. If you need to step outside for any reason, showing the wristband at the front desk will allow you to re-enter the venue. FetiFes 25 will run continuously from 12:00 until 18:00 with no breaks.

Cosplay and outfits that show off skin are allowed, but genitalia and non-male nipples must not be exposed. Don’t forget to cover up outside of the event space! Also, smoking is prohibited on the premises of the Mensho Kaikan.

Navigating FetiFes and participating

Booths will be on the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of the building. The performance stage for stage events (listed below) is on the fifth floor. The third floor has an all-gender/unisex restroom and changing rooms, but the majority of this floor is restricted to guests/staff.

You may be able to leave belongings in the third-floor changing room in some cases, but FetiFes takes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items. You are advised to carry outerwear and personal belongings with you at all times.

Restrooms are on all floors except the fifth floor. Please refer to the floor guide below.

All FetiFes attendees should remember one thing: consent is key! Photography is allowed, but make sure to obtain permission from all subject(s) of your photos. Certain booths allow to you to physically interact with guests or experience light BDSM play. Staff at these booths will initiate physical contact themselves. Make sure to follow any staff instructions! Some booths/guests may hand out free promotional flyers or cards, but haggling for items is prohibited.

FetiFes guests and events

The guests, vendors, and exhibitors listed below will have booths at FetiFes 25. Many guests will operate under circle names that differ from their names. If you’re coming to FetiFes to see someone in particular, use your browser’s “Find in page” function to search for their name.

Performance Stage Events (5th Floor)

Tickets for stage events must be purchased separately on the fifth floor. The performance stage will be closed off with a curtain.

Oshiri Juku! All Butts on Deck – 13:00-13:40
¥2500 – Standard ticket
¥4500 – Priority Seat ticket

Participants: GUMI (@0__GUMI__0), Shion Republic (@mami11191), Runa Tsukinose (@tsukinose_runa), Erika Momoyama (@eri0208i), MeltyMelu (@Meltymelt1022)

The Oshiri Juku girls are returning to the FetiFes stage to show off their beautiful booties! Look forward to their brand-new performance, “The Bare-Naked Republic Strikes Back”! Photos OK. No videos allowed. 10 Priority Seat tickets available.

ROMANTIC PARADE Little Devil Show – 14:20-15:00
¥3500 – Standard ticket
¥5500 – Priority Seat ticket

Participants: Yuka Hanyu (@yukanekonyun), Tomo Toudou (@tomooaty), Rutapi (@tapiko3), Rinacy (@rinyanpassan), Nami Minami (@373_cos), Ao-chan (@ao_harapeco22)

Watch six sexy models show off kinky accessories from indie brand @RomanticParade on the runway! Romantic Parade is known for their horned headbands themed around fantasy creatures and animals. Videos and photos allowed. 20 Priority Seat tickets available.

Yumekawa Strip Show – 15:20-15:55 (¥3000 ticket fee)

※NOTE: Due to an injury, Oto Momose (@momoseoto, @oto_fetish) will NOT be performing.

Participant: Miori Hara (@miori_hara)

Yumekawa is a cute, dreamy Japanese fashion aesthetic…but who says cute can’t be sexy, too?! AV actress Miori, who also dances at Asakusa Rockza, will perform a soft and sweet strip show…with a naughty flair! Photos OK. No videos allowed.

MochiNoa: Gloves Off! Catfight of Twisted Love☆ – 16:40-17:10
¥3000 – Standard ticket
¥5000 – VIP ticket

Participants: Ayaka Mochizuki (@ayaka_moon_), Noa Amaharu (@amaharu_noaa)

Top JAV actresses Ayaka and Noa will be duking it out in this fiery catfight! The gloves (and more?) are coming off in this no-limits match! What will they do?! Who will win?! You’ll have to watch to find out!! Photos OK. Videos allowed for VIP ticket holders only.

Booth List

1st Floor

Liebe Siele: Leather BDSM goods and accessories.

Yukineko * Love and Sex Fortunes: Fortune teller Yukineko offers love and sex-related fortunes. Erotic tarot cards are also for sale.

Kokoroya: Submissive-owned indie brand that sells BDSM restraints and tools for submissives.

Asakawa General Hospital: Circle producing footage that simulates medical procedures from a fetishistic angle. ROMs, etc. available.

Body Modification: Booth featuring journalist, photographer, and body modification enthusiast Keroppy Maeda.

Watermelon Sheep: Booth featuring adult VTuber/cosplayer Minori Natsume. Merchandise available.

product_c: Indie brand producing fetish-inspired, LED-lit acrylic items with a cyberpunk edge.

Totonawa: Bondage-ready rope sold by Shibari rigger Totonawa.

Furiae: Shibari rigger, pro domme, and cosplayer Aoi Sasaki. ROMs available, light BDSM experiences.

Norio Sugiura Photo Agency: Booth featuring the work of erotic photographer Norio Sugiura. Shibari ROMs, DVDs, and photos for sale.

Kiwako Oikawa & Regina: Booth shared by BDSM mistress Kiwako Oikawa and BDSM item retailer Regina. BDSM items and experiences.

TOKYO ZENTAI STYLE: Circle led by the zentai (full-body suit) fetish group Tokyo Zentai Style. Merchandise available. Vacuum machine experience for attendees.

Cosplay Ippon Shobu: Indie AV studio producing cosplay AVs.

Young Rope ~Riggers of the Next Generation~: Booth led by rope artist Yukiscream. Highlights the work of younger shibari riggers/rope artists.

V&R Planning x Miracle ☆ Fetcheese: Booth where attendees can squat over a toilet and have panty-shot photos taken from below.

CrimsonCrow: Leather fashion collars with FetiFes-exclusive discounts.

Purutang: Circle that produces fetish content focused on biting, tickling, thigh pressure play, force-feeding, finger-in-mouth play, and more. Photobooks and handmade collars are available.

4th Floor

Oomiya Workshop: Intricate leathercraft masks, costumes, and accessories featuring gothic themes.

Miss Dental Hygienist’s Weekend ☆: Gravure/cosplay photos for sale. Model Koharu Akiyama also works as a dental hygenist.

Forest of Perversion (FetiFes/FFGN Official Booth): Booth featuring the FetiFes Girls and FetiFesN (trans and crossdressing) models, official representatives of FetiFes. Photo opportunities available.

SM Play with Sadist Iorin: Brief BDSM experiences with amateur dominatrix/fetish model Iorin.

Shoumi Kigen: Indie group that special effects makeup and makes fake wounds with liquid latex.

PARAPHILIA: BDSM-focused outcall escort (“delivery health”) service.

More Para: Handmade accessories and small items made by a dominatrix.

Momojiri-so: Booth featuring bespectacled BBW model Mi-chan. Merch and photo opportunities.

Tokyo Vipper: Fetish video producer featuring micro bikinis, leotards, tights, miniskirts, swimsuits, and more.

Rinawa Club: Circle led by shibari rigger Rina Yuzuki. ROMs and photobooks featuring bondage for sale. Shibari experience.

Armpit Hair Goddess: Booth featuring fetish model Mei. Photo opportunities and armpit-smelling experience.

Extremist Minority: ROMs and photo content featuring BDSM, kink, and simulated snuff. Produces apparel under the name VIDEO HAZE’s.

Tengu Bar: Booth featuring staff members of retro, tengu-themed bar in Kabukicho. Photos, merch, and interactive experiences.

Heikosen Hierarchie: Fetish circle producing male-on-male content. Photo opportunities available.

Karashi no Karashi: Circle led by latex model/cosplayer Nano Karashi. Photos/ROMs available.

Oshiririki: Circle lead by gravure idol Kana Riri. Photobooks, photoshoot tickets, and Polaroids for sale.

Kitanya Design Factory: Indie brand producing shibari-themed charms, accessories, and other items.

Resin Damascus: Leathercraft brand selling collars, lingerie, corsets, and more.

Fana: Booth featuring dominatrix Fana. ROMs, merch, and shibari experiences.

Perestroika Journal: Circle publishing miscellaneous fetish-themed art and literature.

Azusa Itagaki & Sasa Handa: Booth featuring model and former AV actress Azusa Itagaki, as well as model, actress, and former AV star Sasa Handa. Photos/merchandise available.

Contortion Factory: Photos, merchandise, etc. featuring cosplayer and contortionist Hina.

June Lovejoy: Booth featuring AV actress/cosplayer/YouTuber June Lovejoy. Photos/merchandise available.

icloset: Indie fashion brand producing custom outfits for idols, cosplayers, etc. Offers support services for livestreamers.

C-ROCK WORK: Circle producing photobooks focused on fetishes and subculture.

Meguru: Self-portrait photographer whose images feature shibari and Japanese aesthetics. Zines and shibari items are available.

Shirodare: Booth shared by BDSM paddle craftsperson Hakuryuu and leather whip craftsperson SaMidare. Plastic, leather, and other BDSM goods for sale.

Girls R in Tokyo: Fetish model and artist Habiko Hararabi. Will appear alongside fetish model Ryuupe.

Team nozomin’s: Circle led by AV actress Nozomi Kanae. Photos/merchandise available.

Tsurupeta Laboratory: Circle producing ROMs, comics, and games depicting female villains being defeated.

5th Floor

unimo: Artist who draws black-and-white illustrations in pen and Japanese ink. Postcards, etc. available.

Dirty Milk Empire: Booth shared by erotic manga artist Dirty Matsumoto, manga artist Milk Morizono, and sofubi (soft vinyl) goods producer A STORE EMPIRE.

Fechisu: Flyers advertising cult media for sale.

deathorder: Illustrations featuring gore and grotesque themes. Stickers, T-shirts, and accessories for sale.

Ahnitol: Fetish-themed and quirky ceramic accessories.

Asagomi: Indie brand selling mushroom soft vinyl figures and butt-themed accessories.

crazydevil: T-shirts, stickers, posters, and other accessories featuring erotic, hard rock-themed illustrations.

Makai no Kazetaka: Taxidermy and animal-themed accessories.

Adult Art Club: Circle producing erotic art pieces. Pieces available for purchase.

Romelo: Leather collars and accessories with cute, colorful designs.

Sandbag Laboratory: Producing voice content, art, and merch focused on gore, violence (ryona), and scat.

Hallelujah Rock and Roll: Indie brand that makes fetish-themed accessories and fake tattoo tights.

Kanemura x 19900223: Booth shared by retro-inspired artist Kanemura and 19900223, a brand based on the theme of exploring what it means to be human and yourself. Sells tags and tools for “human experimentation”.

Deviko: Indie artist whose illustrations and manga feature subculture and beautiful girls.

DISPELGIRL/SWEET RUBBERBERRY: Posters, and accessories featuring gothic, erotic horror illustrations.

Emai Komotoda: Manga artist who mainly draws erotic works. Available for custom illustrations from photos.

Ugly Angry: Fetish photographer. Selling photobooks centered around zentai, drag, burlesque, etc.

Female Criminal Research Institute: Circle that researches and analyzes female criminals. Publishes and sells zines.

6th Floor

Ankokudaimaou Group: Indie group producing cosplay photo collections.

Neko Mirin Brewery: Circle led by plus-size fetish model Nyaa-shi/Mirin Usukuchi. Photos/merchandise available.

Makopee Works: Circle led by adult cosplayer Mako Sakuya. Photos/merchandise available.

Melty Melt: Tattoo and fetish model/cosplayer Melu Morinaga’s circle. Merch, etc. available.

Nana’s Tail: Booth featuring cosplayer Nana Matsuoka. Photos/merchandise available. Paid fetish experiences.

Boob University: Big Titty Studies: Booth featuring busty Fantia model Ai Minori.

Suzuki Nyuugyou: Booth featuring busty gravure model Suzuki. Photo opportunities and merch.

Mugimamire: Circle featuring busty fetish model Mugi. Photo opportunities, digital content available.

Atelier Naminami: Booth featuring cosplayer Nami Minami in tight, patent leather clothing. Merchandise available.

Chubby Big Angel’s Healing Room: Circle featuring BBW fetish model/gravure idol Suzu. Photo opportunities and ROMs available.

Class 1-2: Runa Tsukinose: Circle featuring fetish model Runa Tsukinose. Photo opportunities, ROMs, and interactive experiences.

NazoEirian: Photobooks and ROMs featuring cosplayer active in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Big Butt Girl Momochino: Circle led by big-butt fetish model Momochino. Photos/merchandise available.

Osake Niconico Park: Booth showcasing cosplay bar owned and operated by cosplayer/model GYAVA.

Bukkake Udon Tokidoki Eria: Booth featuring freelance fetish model Eria Kurosaki. Experienced in medical play and foot fetish play.

Mokkori Salad: Kinky cosplay circle featuring model Shion Republic. ROMs and photo opportunities.

Hitori de Dekiru Mon: Circle led by cosplayers Kain and Maru. Photobooks, merch, outfits are available.

Kizokukai: Booth featuring fetish model/cosplayer Peco/Saya. Photo opportunities and ROMs for sale.

ROMANTIC PARADE: Accessory brand selling fantasy-themed horned headbands.

Ottotto Club: Circle led by fetish model/AV actress Oto Momose. Photos/merchandise available.

100% Miorin Juice: Circle featuring AV actress/fetish model/cosplayer Miori Hara. ROMs and photo opportunities.

Sakura no Oto: Model/cosplayer/idol Kanon Sakurai’s circle. Photos, ROMs, and merch are available.

Group GUMI: Circle led by cosplayer/model GUMI. Producing erotic content highlighting Japanese tattoos and aesthetics.

Mion Hazuki: Booth featuring busty AV actress Mion Hazuki. Merchandise, photo opportunities available.

Team NAX: Booth featuring AV talent agency NAX. AV actress Haruki Kaname attending.

MochiNoa: Booth featuring AV actresses Ayaka Mochizuki and Noa Amaharu. Photo opportunities and ROMs available.

Amen Tokyo: Booth featuring Amen Tokyo, a female-oriented escort service with male “therapists”. Merch and more available.

Togenkyoyasan: Booth featuring AV actress/cosplayer Nonoka Sato. Photos/merchandise available.

Japanese phrases and words for FetiFes

FetiFes is an event that you can enjoy with any level of Japanese. Some guests/vendors may even speak a little English! However, knowing some basic Japanese and event-specific terms can make your experience smoother and a lot more fun. Here’s a reference list of Japanese words and phrases that you can use when navigating the event space and interacting with others.

すみません。Sumimasen.Excuse me./I’m sorry.
これはいくらですか?Kore wa ikura desu ka?How much does this cost?
これお願いします。Kore onegaishimasu.I’d like this, please.
写真を撮ってもいいですか?Shashin o tottemo ii desu ka?May I take a photo?
ありがとうございます。Arigatougozaimasu.Thank you very much.
___はどこですか?________ wa doko desu ka?Where is ________?
(すごく) ____です!(Sugoku) ________ desu!You’re/This is (very) _________!
やめてください。Yamete kudasai.Please stop.
トイレ、お手洗いtoire, otearaitoilet, restroom
サークルsaakurucircle; an indie group that produces media, often to sell at events like FetiFes
グラビアgurabiagravure; a genre of sensual photos/videos that feature a scantily-clad model, similar to pin-up modeling
写真集shashinshuuphotobook, photo album
ROMas in “DVD-ROM”a DVD containing photos/video of a model; indie-produced, can also be digital video content
緊縛kinbakuthe Japanese term for rope bondage, aka shibari
ビンタbintaslap (e.g. across the face)
フェチfechifetish (somewhat less of a sexual connotation, close to “having a thing for” something)
性癖seihekisexual fetish/kink
あなたのフェチ/性癖は何ですか?Anata no fechi/seiheki wa nan desu ka?What are you into? OR
What is your fetish/kink?

Tokyo Love District sincerely hopes that you enjoy Fetish Festival 25! If you can’t attend the event this month, don’t worry! Fetish Festival is held three times annually in January, April, and September. Have a dosukebe (very sexy) time!

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