Sara Grande Gotanda : a love hotel with a thousand fantasies

by Kyaro

Located in one of Tokyo’s busiest love hotel districts, the newly opened “Sara Grande” hotel stands out from other places, with fifty themed rooms to satisfy all your fantasies.

What could be more exciting than walking through the door of a love hotel? What we love at Tokyo Love District is the excitement of discovering a new, intimate, cozy, inspiring play space to enjoy a relaxing moment with your partner, outside everyday life. Tokyo is a land of erotic exploration, and the “Sara Grande” hotel – opened last May in Gotanda – is a perfect example. With fifty themed rooms, “Sara Grande” allows everyone to fulfill their wildest desires, such as making love in the middle of an underground train or in a movie theater. 

Disclaimer: This article is not the subject of a paid partnership

Entering the hotel

Everything starts in the lobby’s hotel, where two giant touch screens serve as interfaces to choose your room. You might meet other people in the lobby, but don’t be intimidated, Love hotels are a part of Japanese life and no one will stare at you. We suggest you browse the room list here before you go to the “Sara Grande”.

Saving the number of the room you are interested in can save you time at the interface. Remember that your favorite room may be unavailable at the time of your visit, as the hotel is very popular with cosplayers and models, who use it as a photoshoot location. To give yourself the best chance of getting the room you desire, we advise you to visit the hotel outside busy hours, that is, from Monday to Friday before 6 p.m. 

However, opening hours can vary from one day to another, as the Tokyo Love District team had very few rooms to choose from, despite visiting on a Wednesday afternoon. As with most of the love hotels in Japan, it is not always possible to book a room in advance (this website in Japanese allows you to book online at “Sara Grande”, only for an overnight stay of one night or more).

Which stay for which price?

Once you have selected your room, you can choose between three types of stays:

  • The “rest” stay (休憩): a short stay formula that allows you to enjoy the room for a set amount of time (90 minutes, two hours, or three hours). Please note that not all rooms have the same time to use. “Superior, Deluxe, Luxury, Executive, Concept, Sara Sweet, Party, and Grande” rooms do not allow use for under two hours. Standard and Moderate rooms allow a short usage time of 90 minutes.  
  • The “service time” stay (サービスタイム): a short stay option that allows you to enjoy the room for a set period longer than the previous option (between 5 and 7 hours). This is an option that allows you to enjoy the room longer, for the same price as a classic “rest” stay, but only on defined time slots (to be consulted here).
  • The “stay” (宿泊): the long stay option corresponding to one night spent in the hotel, for use from 22:00 until 10:00 the next morning, or from 01:00 until 11:00 in the morning. Please note that the “stay VIP” option is only available for the “Concept, Sara Sweet, Party, and Grande” rooms and offers a 15-hour room rental (from 7:00 p.m. to 9:59 p.m. the next day). 

Rates are determined according to the type of stay, the of room, and the time of use (weekday or weekend, with special rates during holidays).  At “Sara Grande”, the rooms are suitable for all budgets, although the themed rooms are in the higher price range. 

We invite you to check the details of the prices directly on the website of the hotel, but you should estimate about 12,000 yen (about 81 USD) for a three hours stay in a “Concept” themed room.

Inside the room

Collect your key and proceed to the rooms. A range of amenities is offered free of charge at the elevator level and on each floor. Among them, sweets, snacks, perfumed bath salts, and beauty and hygiene products, are available to perfect your moment of intimacy and pleasure. 

Our room this time is number 201 “Aromaエステ” and the Tokyo Love District team tested it out all for you. Room 201 offers a real massage salon experience. We were immediately seduced by the decoration, delicate and modern at the same time, in warm color tones, which give the room a cozy and comforting character.

The centerpiece is what makes this the “Aroma” room, which includes an authentic massage table, in front of which a mirror allows you to throughly enjoy the oiled body of your partner. In this space, everything is provided to give way to one’s erotic imagination, with different essential oils and heating lotion.

Paper underwear (for men and women) are also available to those ready to receive a sexy massage in the best way possible. Real masseuse’s uniform in the closet, exotic decoration, the “Sara Grande” succeeds, thanks to its acute sense of detail, to plunge us in an imaginary world where everything is possible. We particularly loved the cleanliness of the room and its spacious and very well-equipped space.

Bathroom and amenities

Another central area in any good love hotel room, is the bathroom. Here again, we can only salute the efforts made by the establishment to offer the best quality of service and comfort. Starting with the equipment offered free of charge, including a Dyson hair dryer (for those who have ever dreamed of testing it) and its various accessories.

To the left of the sink, a shelf also offers various hygiene products (cotton swabs, toothbrushes, bath caps, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, razor, cream samples, and even a face mask). As for the bathing area, we liked the size of the whirlpool tub, which is a great size and allows two (or even three if you’re feeling particularly adventurous) people to bathe in it.

The bubble bath offers a real moment of relaxation (even more fun with a bath bomb or perfumed salt) and it is possible to adjust the light directly from the bath. A nice opportunity to warm up your body and spice up the foreplay before or after a good massage. 

Nice and clean bathroom to relax ! Image crédit : Kyaro

? Little extras of Sara Grande Gotanda ?

Back in the bedroom, we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the bed, which is very spacious and offers comfortable bedding and impeccably clean sheets. The light control panel makes the experience even more interesting, putting the room in a whole new atmosphere. In front of the bed, it’s impossible to miss the gigantic flat screen, which provides centralized access to the TV, streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon prime, YouTube…), a large selection of movies, and Japanese adult movies.

A funny service that will delight fans of the genre: about a hundred cosplays are available directly in the lobby (the first rental is free) or in room service for 500 yens per costume. Although the size system applied is standard japanese, some cosplays are available in size 2XL (which is rare enough to mention). Among the other equipments available for free – and there are a lot of them – the room proposes the classic combo “condom, lubricant, vibrator” with the opportunity to rent other products (free and paid) in the catalog, available on the coffee table. 

To sum up, hotel “Sara Grande” really seduced us, not only for the quality and the modernity of its facilities, but also for the originality of its rooms. We recommend this hotel if you are in Tokyo, and we can’t wait to go back to try other rooms.

What we liked ?

  • room’s originality and sense of detail
  • cleanliness
  • modernity of the facilities
  • wide range of equipment and the possibility to rent many items
  • some rental cosplays are up to size 2XL
  • hotel’s location near train station

What needs improvement ?

  • concept rooms are quite expensive
  • unavailable online booking for rest plan
  • only two touch screens in the lobby to select rooms

Sara Grande Gotanda opened in May 2023. Image credit : Sara Group (official website)


Website : (japanese only)

Instagram : 

Twitter : 

Nearest train station: 

  • Gotanda (JR) (3 minutes walk)
  • Toei Asakusa Line / Gotanda Station (2 minutes walk)
  • Tokyu Corporation Tokyu Ikegami Line / Gotanda Station (4-minute walk)

Price list: $$$ 

Package : “Rest 3 hours” weekday : 12,000 JPY (ab. 81 USD) 

Room : 201 “Aromaエステ” 

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